This week: More violence against ethnic minorities in Myanmar, Malaysia's upcoming elections, and China's Party Congress cements dictatorial rule.
The most important political event of 2022 is China’s 20th Communist Party Congress, even though the primary outcome is all but set.
This week: Another journalist killed in the Philippines, the death penalty remains popular in Taiwan, and the soccer disaster in Malang, Indonesia.
This week: Human trafficking along the BRI in Cambodia, the most important political events in Asia of 2022, and how micro-hydro has powered a…
This week: Two political are held accountable in SE Asia, Pakistan faces multiple crisis, and could an Islamic climate right rise in Indonesia?
This week: Indonesia's 2024 race heating up, already, India's growing military spending, and why one country wants to join ASEAN while another is…
This week: 2022's biggest political event, the true legacy of Shinzo Abe, and protecting the land, and rights of Papuans.
Over the past few months, the island nation of Sri Lanka has seen a dramatic, sudden economic crisis. Asia Undercovered fills the gaps in western media…
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