Mongolia has been commonly exoticized in international media limiting the opportunity for the global community to know more about its history, culture and the governance reforms its people have fought for.
Portia shares with us her the potential of solutions reporting, especially in seemingly dire circumstances, and why she thinks its an approach more jou…
This week: Militant Buddhist monk released in Myanmar, indigenous people under threat in SE Asia, and how eco-tourism led to "Camp Land"
This week: Fear stalks Hong Kong, protests in Thailand and Malaysia, and a political dynasty cements power in Sri Lanka.
The Taliban are back, retaking Kabul 20 years after they were forced out after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.
This week: Revisiting a 2018 dam disaster, China investing in junta-controlled Myanmar, and the power of video and photos in Cambodia.
This week: Xinjiang camps can hold a million Uyghurs, Taiwan's upcoming referendums, and covering disaster recovery the right way.
Too often, gender issues in Asia are often reported through the frame of events or movements in the west. Victims speaking up about sexual violence are…
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