Why we launched Asia Undercovered

Americans know little about Asia. Asians know about Trump, but not about their neighbors and the meaningful things happening across the continent. It’s a recipe for disaster.

Asia Undercovered is my attempt to change that and provide an alternative to the global Trump-focus and highlight the Asian trends, people and stories that are not getting enough global attention. It is aimed both at Westerners sick of mainstream media Trump-centrism, and Asians who want to better understand their part of the world.

I believe that Asia is the most important region of the world today, in nearly every facet. Asia Undercovered aims to highlight the great work being done by journalists across Asia, whose stories are often hidden in regional outlets, or in the back pages of mainstream US outlets.

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About Nithin Coca - Nithin Coca is an Asia-focused freelance journalist who focuses on stories about interconnections across borders. He has traveled to, and covered stories in nearly every Asian country, and his pieces have been translated into Japanese, Indonesian, French, Spanish, and Dutch.